3Doodler Start Product Design Themed Activity Kit (3D Pen Not Included)


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For kids who love to design & personalize: with the 3Doodler Start product design sets you can you can make your own unique watch clock phone cases phone Speaker amplifier headphone wraps wallets and so much more! | For use with 3Doodler start 3D pen: uses low heat BPA-free non-toxic plastic so it’s completely safe for kids aged 8+. | Perfect for STEM learning: as a tactile learning toy the 3Doodler Start inspires creativity design planning building and spatial understanding. | Includes new accessories: spherical doodlemoldtm for drawing perfect spheres or domes every time and doodlesheetstm save you time & plastic for larger projects. | Each set contains: analogue watch face activity guide doodlemoldtm 2 doodleblockstm doodlesheetstm 2 packs of plastic. This kit does not include a 3Doodler start pen.


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