Badger Air-Brush Co. R3R Renegade Rage Siphon Feed Airbrush


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The Model R3R includes a Renegade Rage siphon feed Airbrush with an additional spray regulator and a 1/8-inch air hose adaptor packaged in a sleek metal storage case; .33 millimeter tip will spray pencil line to 1 1/2-inch spray pattern | Professional artists taxidermists fine scale modelers desiring the finest tools to elevate their skill to its highest level appreciate the beauty and perfection of the Renegade airbrushes | Exact taper micro-precise paint tips to ensure perfect paint tip sealing and simplify nozzle maintenance; Äúpoint perfectÄù carbide polished needles for better spray pattern control and crisper fine line production; sprays acrylics lacquers urethanes | ÄúsmartcenterÄù nozzle assemblies ensure absolutely precise needle/nozzle alignment & spray performance; ÄútensionsenseÄù trigger assembly for smooth & responsive triggering; ÄústopsetÄù trigger control handle to provide accurate recurring spray pattern memory | Badger Airbrushes are American Made. One year warranty on mfg defects with a lifetime warranty on the PTFE needle bearing and any factory labor repairs


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