Croc ‘N’ Roll РFun Family Game For Kids Aged 3 & Up


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FAMILY GAME FOR KIDS: Croc ÄònÄô Roll is the fast paced hilarious family game! Ideal for 1-3 players Crock ÄònÄô Roll keeps kids on their toes | HOW TO PLAY: This crock is on a roll! Kids jump from lily pad to lily pad as they try to dodge the rolling whizzing Crazy Croc! Jump outside the swamp ring or bump into the Crock and you lose a lily pad. The last player standing wins | GETS KIDS MOVING: Croc ÄònÄô Roll is a great way to get kids up and moving! As they jump and dodge the Crazy Croc kids develop their spatial awareness | Croc ÄònÄô Roll is a family game for kids aged 3+. Require 2 AA batteries (not included). DonÄôt get swamped by the random rolling Croc | Includes: 1 Croc ÄònÄô Roll Ball 3 Green Lily Pads 3 Yellow Lily Pads 3 Purple Lily Pads 7 Swamp Ring Bands


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