Duncan Toys Maple Drop Pro Kendama, Assorted Colors


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Unique Maple construction: most kendamas are made of Beachwood. When comparing the consistency of weight grain and hardness – nothing beats the wood in Duncan’s Maple drop. This Kendama is crafted from strong Maple wood that offers flawless balance and the perfect texture. | Classic toy: the Kendama originates from early 18th century Japan. Players hold the ÄòKenÄô and perform tricks catching and tossing the ÄòtamaÄô (ball). kendamas are quickly becoming a staple for us at Duncan and we are sure you’ll love becoming a Kendama master. | High performance Kendama: the maple drop Kendall is Duncan’s highest quality Kendama. Perfect for any skill level The maple drop is exciting to master! Professional Kendama players designed each detail of the cups Spike and tama offering precise weight distribution for “lunars” “lighthouses” And other Kendama balance tricks. | Durable design: the maple drop Kendama is made from a high-impact Maple wood Designed to withstand plenty of use. No-tangle string for perfect play. | Product details: Includes [1] Kendama toy colors may vary. Kendama weighs 5 ounces.


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